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Liquid Heating Fuels Industry Summit VI


Take Action and Take Control of Your Future
Industry Summit VI

This year’s industry summit will be unlike any other, as we face challenges unlike any other. We will celebrate the successes and technological advances of the last six years and look at ways that you can participate in creating a profitable and successful future for your business and the industry.

The electrify everything laws and regulations are already being passed – this is not a problem that can be wished away. We have made great strides in offering a real-world solution to climate change and carbon emissions by offering bio-based, renewable liquid heating fuels. You need to act now.

Your Industry Summit VI Agenda:

Industry Summit Kickoff 8AM - 9AM WorldVue 1+2
Don’t miss the Industry Summit Kickoff where we will review all the industry has accomplished in the last few years and look forward to new opportunities, more innovation, and even greater successes!
Industry Summit VI - Vision of the Future 10:30AM - 1:00PM WorldVue 1+2
Join us at Industry Summit VI for information, ideas, and enlightenment! We want every fuel company to have a fair shot in today’s competitive market environment, and our Summit sessions will show you how our renewable liquid heating fuels can stand up to carbon taxes, emissions, clean heat standards, electrification and more.

We are excited to announce that Travis Fisher of the Cato Institute will address the industry at Summit VI!

Mr. Fisher has nearly two decades of experience in energy and environmental policy. Prior to joining the Cato Institute, Fisher served as a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Energy during the Trump Administration, where he authored the seminal 2017 Staff Report on Electricity Markets and Reliability.

In his keynote address during the Visions Conference, Travis will tackle the challenges presented by government policies pushing for rapid electrification, emphasizing the importance of energy diversity and consumer choice. He will provide valuable insights on how heating fuel dealers can prepare for the changing political landscape and what the future may hold.

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